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Image by Vlad Calin

New Mexico Department of Game and Fish counts 33 trout streams in the Jemez Mountains – a small stream fisher’s delight! Many of these flow in pristine Wilderness preserves with little to no vehicles access – a backpack & hiking fisher’s dream!  The Jemez' two small lakes provide big fishing opportunities and outdoor adventure.  There are three primary Jemez trout species:


  • Rainbow Trout – although there are isolated wild populations in a few streams, most Jemez Rainbows are stocked, and many of those hold over year to year.

  • Brown Trout – are all wild in the Jemez. They are protected by catch limits and catch & release regulations in some streams. Browns seem to like the Jemez!

  • Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout (RGCT) – rule the high country. Reaching them often involves hiking and a 4 wheel drive to get to them – but they are well worth it!


Fishing begins in early March and runoff can be from late March through April. The seasons’ end is around mid-November, but winter stocking of the lower Jemez River provides sport all winter.  Fly fishing is the most productive stream and lake strategy, but spin fishing can also produce fish - particularly in the lakes.


You'll find everything you need to fish smart in the JA guides, including hatches, stream access, when to fish where, and techniques and notes for 22 streams and two lakes. JA wants to make your fishing expedition a fun-filled adventure by providing all the guidance you need on roads, trails, fish and fly/lure selection. Click below to make the most of your fishing adventure.

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