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Caravan in the Desert

COMING SOON (Target - Spring 2021)

GENERAL - Camping in the Santa Fe National Forest West (the Jemez) is generally dry camping:

  • Formal campgrounds typically have a vault toilet, maybe running water, & picnic tables and grills. 

    • There are generally no services per site, but some CGs have a a few sites with water/electric (often reserved).  

  • Dispersed camping (not in a CG) is allowed throughout the forest.  Self-contained RV and tent campers can stay 14 days.

  • Backpacking is popular in Jemez' 4 Wilderness areas and in the Santa Fe National Forest.

  • Most CGs on the periphery of the Jemez have full hookups.


JA's camping guide treats camping by RV, Tent, or Backpack.  The guide includes:

  • Formal CG locations & directions, fees & facilities in the Jemez Mountains & on its periphery.

  • Popular dry camping areas & rules in Santa Fe Forest West. 

  • Backpacking rules and trails in the 4 Jemez Wilderness areas.


In the meantime, for more ways to explore the Jemez Mountains click the button below. 

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